Skinny Pop Sea Salt Popcorn | @FirstBlushBB Review


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Skinny Pop Sea Salt Popcorn

@FirstBlushBB Review


Yummy snackage for my tummy that is satisfying but not packing on the calories. 

Why I Bought It:

I received that complementary from Influenster for testing purposes. And I not only did I test it (aka ate it all up) I will gladly pay to go get some more!

What I Love About It:

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1. Easy to store

2. It pops itself into a movie theater-like popcorn shaped container so I don't have to worry about getting butter, popcorn-essence all on my hand!

What I Didn't Love About It:

I didn't get any sea salt on my popcorn I felt like, but would rather have none than have too much. So being able to distribute that myself was beneficial. 


Go find this popcorn in the store and #nom on it, right now. Like, RIGHT NOW, right now! Try it. Eat it up. Get your snack on.

Now that it all gone now, please excuse me...I need to go find more. Happy snacking!