Setting Goals That Stick

Setting goals is the easy part. You know we can all sit and write down all the things we want to accomplish in our lives. The hard part is actually executing these goals, whether they are short term or long term. How will I execute my goals?

quote john quincy adams

First, I had to start with what I was going to do different than all the other times. I had a habit of wanting the finished product now instead of doing the work to produce the final product. I would come of all these great ideas but never do the necessary amount of work to get them off the ground or successful. Things like blogging, starting my own cosmetic and fashion line were things that took work. Proper research had to be done, significant time and dedication would need to go into making my goals become more than just a dream. Unfortunately, I let my fear of failure and not thinking I was good enough hold me back from my dreams.

Wise words from John Quincy Adams. Its okay to fail, it’s apart of life and it makes us stronger. We find what doesn’t work and we adjust accordingly so that it does work. We have to try first because we will never know if we did not at least try. After writing down all my goals, I took it a step further, did my research, read some literature, made some connections and drew up a financial plan of how to execute everything. While doing my research I found that I can’t do everything at once but rather execute everything in stages. This would generally be the point I quit because I want it now! I did not allow my fear to distract me from my ultimate goal which is to finish what I started. I found that executing things in stages was not a bad idea and it gave me little goals or success points within my large goal. This also allowed me to see the greater picture and that everything will come together in time as long as I do the work to make it happen.

Now is the time for me to invest in myself and utilize all my resources.