NYX Professional Makeup | Union Square NYC

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I went to New York to visit for the weekend and had a blast! In addition to some exploring, I got to finally shop at a NYX Professional Makeup store. I literally DIED. 

Shoutout to Zack! Heyyyy!

It was a little full and I didn't want to share photos with a bunch of unsuspecting people in them but let me tell you a little about my trip and what I bought. 

When you first enter the store they have a security guard at the door and a awesome selfie wall for you to take some sweet photos pre and post NYX experience.


There is a wall of glorious where you can create your own eyeshadow palette. Man, do they have a lot of options for you to pick from as well. But we would much rather have choice then none at all!

This location was super clean, very organized. The staff was fun, super helpful and looking like they were having the time of their lives while at work which made it a great visit for me. 

I knew NYX had a lot of product but I didn't know they had this MUCH! I as only able to successfully photography about half of the store but what I was able to get was bomb. 

Lots of love shown to popular Instagram Influensers throughout the store and a very bright and vibrant atmosphere.

Selfie Time with Sadé 

Selfie Time with Sadé 


My NYX - Union Square Haul

Disclaimer: This portion of the post contains affiliate links


And now it's time to play! Tell me about some of your fave NYX products in the comments below!