CarlyAnn's Style Fashion Review | Lace Dresses: Online Shopping Gone Wrong! (Contributor Post)

Last year around this time, I had a friend who was having an all-white birthday gathering. Of course, I had nothing in my closet to wear and limited time to purchase an outfit. Amazon Prime to the rescue! Went online did a brief search for simple all-white bodycon dresses under $20 and boom found a dress, ordered it and waited for its arrival. Two days went past and my dress arrived, I opened the package later that evening to find that this dress was nothing like what was pictured or in the reviews for that matter. I was disappointed but didn’t have time to return it so I just kept it in the back of my closet. I did not like the dress for several reasons one of which is the lace on the top. You would need to wear a strapless bra. The material, while it is forgiving and hugs in all the right places, it is se through. You would definitely have to make sure you wore the proper under garments. The sleeve length was perfect and I wouldn’t have minded just the sleeves being lace. The dress length was also good but only when standing up. When I sat down, I found myself having to hold the dress in place so that it wouldn’t rise too far up. I’ve owned plenty of lace dresses and none of them were like this, but you get what you pay for.

white lace bodycon dress

A year later, I finally found a reason to take it out the back of my closet. Valentine’s Day was approaching and I wanted to take pictures not only of the kids but myself as well. While trying to come up with an appropriate color scheme, I decided to put the kids in all red and I would wear white. This dress does photograph well in proper sunlight and has grown on me. Let’s see if the dress stays in the back of the closet for another year before I wear it again.

white bodycon summer dress

In the photo you’ll see I wore this with a pair of nude pumps. I’ve attached the following links to other lace dress styles I like: