@Influenster x Honeywell True HEPA Voxbox | @FirstBlushBB Review


Special thanks to @Influenster and Honeywell for the complimentary Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier to product test! It was perfect timing to because I was just looking into an air purifier to add to my home and what a better way to find out than for free?


Trying It Out!

It came so quickly after I qualified for this Voxbox that I was not ready for this delivery. But it did not change my excitement about this one!

(I am sure my UPS guy thinks I have a problem because there is always a package at my doorstep. Without fail).

The filters came already inside the purifier but were wrapped. But that made it easy to make sure I put them in the right places. It has touch controls on the top and simple settings. 

You can set a timer for 2, 4 or 8 hours and set it for normal cleaning, allergens or germs specifically. 


I originally had the purifier in my room to test out but thought I should move it to a major room to see its true impact. So I moved it to my open layout kitchen/living room. 

As you can see, I elected to place it on the counter. This decision was purely based on the fact it has touch controls and I have a curious little kitten who would have turned it off the second I walked away LOL. 

After I had this delivered, I also received my purchase of Chewy.com with the new bag of cat litter and so I changed the litter as normal and allowed my kittens to do their thing as normal to see if it helped with the smell. 

After a week of programming the purifier to run for 8 hours while I was out of the house, I couldn't smell the litter box or the kitchen garbage. 

I went another two weeks monitoring the smell in the house because this is usually around the point where I am waiting at the window like that Kermit the Frog meme, waiting on the new bag of litter to be delivered because my two kittens have abused the poor litter box (honestly, they are 7 months old, how could they potty so much?!?!) and I can't pour enough baking soda in their room and box. 

I am so THRILLED with how well it has been working! My house feels amazing clean, I feel like I am breathing better and the dander is at a minimum.

Available at Target, Home Depot and Wal-Mart!