@Maybelline New York Fit Me! Foundation | @FirstBlushBB Review

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Shade 355 - Coconut

Shade 355 - Coconut


So I got this new foundation to try out thanks to the lovely people from Influenster!

I have to admit, I wasn't sure if I would like it. I was worried I would get the wrong shade since I had to pick it online through a survey and hope for the best at that point. 

When I tell you that I got this foundation in the mail and not only was I impressed with the presentation of it to me, I was AMAZED about the color matching I got. 

Maybelline's New FITme! Foundation (affiliate link) is a liquid foundation formulated with the intention of fitting both skin tone and texture. Offering 40 shades in the Matte + Poreless line, Maybelline is making it easier to find the right fit.  

No Contour. No Concealer. No Color Corrector.

No Contour. No Concealer. No Color Corrector.



First things first, I never put makeup on my face without properly cleansing my face prior. To check out my skincare routine, click here.

I prepped my face with my Maybelline Facestudio Master Prime Blur + Smooth Primer (affiliate link) and applied my makeup with a Earth Therapeutics (affiliate link) Beauty Blending sponge that was dampened prior. I start from the center of my face and work my way outwards. It's really just a personal preference on my part. 

I applied to half my face and took a look to try to compare but really couldn't see a drastic difference. After applying all over. I really could notice the coverage better, especially when it concerned the foundations ability to give me a matte coverage.  


My Impression

The Good | Overall, I have to be honest...I was not expecting to get the right color. One thing that is common when buying makeup for POC, you run into the shade either being too dark or too light and you get a ashy finish. I spent quite a bit of time debating which foundation said I would choose for this product test and am PLEASED with the shade I chose. I plan to continue to purchase this foundation and my discontinue the purchase of my current foundation. Great feel. Great Coverage. Super light wear. I would easily wear everyday and a light goes a long way.

The Bad | I prefer a liquid foundation with a pump and this was a twist off top so it is hard to get a consistent measure of how much I was using. I am sure I can take a pump top for another foundation to put on it but that's a hassle. 

The Ugly? | I have no issues with this product I must say.