Ellore Brush Set | @FirstBlushBB Review


An assortment of brushes because putting on makeup with my hands only was not ideal.

Why I Bought It:

Honest answer: Groupon. $30. Case Included.

What I Love About It:

24 different brushes to choose from. Yeah I know, each brush technically has a purpose but I do what feels right and having options is nice. So far, no issues with bristles shedding and ending up on my face, stuck in my foundation. Natural hair brushes made of persian, horse and synthetic fibers.

What I Didn't Love About It:

I have no had any issues with this product. In the event that I do, I will be sure to update you.


  • Clean your brushes after every use
  • Dry brushes laying flat or with the bristles upward

Available @:

Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC