Let's Talk About Ebates!

I love a sale or deal. I have also been known to convince myself that money saved on a shopping trip was worth all the money I spent overall. 

I’m working on that.  

My wallet would appreciate it dearly. 

I have been a member of a website called Ebates since 2008 and use it ANY TIME I shop online. And that is often because I like to avoid people lol. 


Ebates is a Cash Back and Discount website that allows you to get cash back bonus on your online purchases.

According to their website, they were found in 1998 (I was 11 back then) and have "grown into one of the largest, free member-based savings programs in the U.S." 

How does Ebates work?

Ebates saves you money by using what they call a "simple business model" where "stores pay Ebates a commission for sending members to shop at their websites. Ebates then splits that commission with you, in the form of Cash Back."

So how do you earn your cash back?

  1. Join Ebates!
  2. Start a shopping trip via Ebates, with through their website, the mobile app or Ebates browser extension.
  3. Continue to shop per normal, check out and #boom! Cash Back Achieved!
  4. Every quarter, Ebates pay out your Cash Back via a "Big Fat Check" or PayPal.

Best Part?

  • No membership fee!
  • No limit to how much Cash Back you can earn!
  • No rebate forms to mail in or points to count!
  • No strings attached

My favorite part?! You can even use it for your in-store pickups! So you're telling me, I don't have to wait to get my stuff AND I saved money?! #YES

Featured Stores: 

screenshots taken from www.ebates.com.

Have you tried ebates before? how much have you saved? let us know in the comments!