Day 5: Dangerous Woman

I am on a Ariana Grande kick so please bare with me. I am like addicted. ADDICTED.

But I am for sure feeling like this year is the year of the Dangerous Woman. I am excited to see what all we are going to accomplish, the places we are going to go and people we are going to meet.

For me, being a dangerous woman this year is going to include just being fearless. Fearless in my decision making, decisions in my career, decisions in my personal life, decisions on places I will travel. I am going to be relentless in my pursuit of my happiness and I will not be afraid to do it alone.

I think one of my biggest flaws is that I do not enjoy my time and presence enjoy. I like to have people around, maybe not a ton of people but at least someone around. I am going to learn to dedicate my free time to things that I want to do and not require myself to include others in it.

To work on my dangerousness, I am starting by listening to some awesome audiobooks on Audible:

A lot of these are obvious choices here. One, Michelle Obama = YES. I have already heard Big Magic but it is a great re-listen/re-read and is so helpful for creatives when trying to find yourself, your focus and fighting that fear that hinders your creative processes. The other two were a Audible Originals suggestion and the descriptions were interesting so why not. Don’t worry, I will be reporting back but anywayz, back to being dangerous. I have stuff I need to get done. Oh course, sleep is high on that list.

XOXO, Erinn