Day 4: End of the Road

Today is Friday!

We did it! We made it!

Thank whatever God you pray to.

With the end of the week comes time for me to rest but also time to do some work. It’s a delicate balance. And I like balance. At least as simple as things can be.

So the song title for this one is Boyz II Men “End of the Road” but this post isn’t quite about relationships (platonic or romantic). I picked it because I feel like I have come to the end of the road with a lot of things:

  • My traditional career

  • Allowing fear to lead my decisions

  • As many bills as I can

  • Not enjoying the things I want in life

This year, I am seriously setting in motion every plan I have started and wanted to accomplish. And I am taking it seriously. No excuses. I am going to get better at planning and following through. I refuse to fall behind on my plans and regretting them later. I am doing it all on my own. I am not requiring other’s participant to later use as an excuse for why things did not go to plan. I will not overextend myself. I am just not this year. I #canteven.

This year has so much promise to get to a cleaner slate. A lot of the things I have been through make me who I am so I do not want to forget about them. But I do want to revisit and learn things that I am capable of really understanding now that I am far enough removed from the situation/event and a bit older.

This is the last year that I go forward without making positive progress on myself and my life. This is the end of the road.