Day 3: Money

Because Cardi B is life.

Don’t @ Me.

Today has been a long day but I have been planning and plotting to get myself back in track financially this year. It’s the cause of a lot of my stress and guilt from enjoying things in life. My goal is to be free of major debt by the time I am 35 (2021). Now don’t think that means I am not going to enjoy my life and have some fun still (just intermittentl).

Here’s My Plan

Any and Everything I have planned for this year will be paid in cash, no credit. Straight like that. If I have to swipe a card I guess I’m not going. I have plans for travel and business this year and I am hoping to pocket more cash than I spend.

This year I am aiming for profit.


February - Vegas

  • My costs will be gas to and from, food and maybe some keepsakes. It isn’t my first time there and I am staying with a friend so I am not that worried about the situation here. It will be a fun weekend. As long as the slots don’t get me lol.

March - New Orleans

  • Who Dat!!!! I am planning to buy food, pay for gas and get myself a new Pandora charm for my travel bracelet and pay for the flight back home. My friend is driving down and as of right now I don’t have the time available to take to rid back with her so it will hit my pockets a little heavy. But nothing insane.

May - New Mexico

  • Another road trip. Snacks, gas and hotel stay are all I need to pay for and the costs will be split.

August - Sedona, Arizona

  • Road trip for a wedding. It’s an easy day trip so nothing to worry about here.

September - Italy and Greece

  • This is the BIG trip. Flight to Italy to stay a few nights before touring Greece via boat and heading back.


Credit cards. They suck. Okay, mostly only when they have a balance. If I can get those paid down, I can free up some funds.

Now for my business, this is the money that is causing me a little stress. Y’all, there are so many licenses and shit that I need to research, apply for and deal with that it makes me not even wanna think about it. I can’t even afford to think about it!

The Plan

To make all this happen, there will be a lot of overtime worked, not eating out and spending only on the necessities. While of course paying forward as many of my bills as I can. Ignoring my raise, bonus, tax return and student refunds…I just need to work 3 extra hours a week to get what I need on average for the trip overseas.

I have broken my goals for some bills down to the minimum I have to pay each paycheck until I hit a zero balance.

Don’t worry, I will document this pretty throughly for you all. I am not expert, I’m decent with money but love to spoil myself when I am in a bad mood.

Instead for 2019, I will just talk to you guys instead. Wish me luck.

And leave me topic ideas down in the comments!