Day 2: Finesse

I have just decided to name these based on songs because I am not feeling clever or creative. When I figure out an easy way to add the song to the post, you will be able to enjoy it to. (I stream everything so that is really the issue here).

Also, the remix version with Cardi B, to be clear.

My phone alarm is this song. I only use music that will dance me right out my sleep and get my energy going. This song gets me lit. And if i forgot to turn the alarm off and it goes off in a public place, it’s not embarrassing at all. lol. Music is incredibly important to me. It helps me get through a lot of things. I have an appreciation of it that goes all the way down to the instruments being used and the composition of a track. Music is so therapeutic.

So you are probably wondering what this song has to to with this article?

Not a damn thing.

What it will not be about is Finessing people. Hashtag, not having it. But “Bossed up and I Changed the Game” is how I am feeling right now for sure. It is what I aim to accomplish this year. I want to level up everything that I do this year: My Relationships. My Friendships. My Health. My Daily Life. But most importantly, my business. Outside of (trying to) run this blog, I have another passion project website where I will sell physical apparel with my artwork on it. It is a long time coming. Well overdue.

So why now?

Well, to be honest. Remember when I said I had some career setbacks? Well that basically set a fire under me to try to make a childhood dream come true. I can’t sew to save my life but I used to doodle in a notebook, ideas I had for designs for women’s fashion. I lacked the patience to really learn it. But with changes in technology with the internet, Photoshop, iPads, dropshipping…I have all that I need to take over one product at a time.

I want to be my own boss and live a freer, happier life.

Now I know being your own boss does not mean easy. If anything, there is more stress because it all rides on you. With that being said, I still want to give it a shot, I want to accomplish it. I want to excel at it. I want to live it.

And I want to give back to a lot of different groups of people that I am not even sure where to start. Life is so much bigger than myself and I want to find a cause to start with that really speaks to me and makes a difference.

I want to just be a slightly better version of myself than I am as I write this post. And I want to just be stable.

Thanks for reading my rambles. Maybe tomorrow I will have a story or actual message to share. LOL. Eh.

XOXO - Erinn