Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Slick Slip Leave-in Conditioner | @FirstBlushBB Product Review

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Hey ya’ll!! It’s product review time.

This basically means I found another reason to be in the hair section of whatever store I was at. Don’t judge me…We all do it.

Go to the store for bread and come out with three conditioner packets and a new shampoo.

Just me?


That’s fine.

I accept that!

Okay so I will tell you that I have natural hair and my hair type is a mixture of 4a and 4c. Because I am sure you were wondering. Shrinkage is so very real, my hair in its straightened state is just past shoulders.

Okay so the product I am reviewing is Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Slick Slip Leave-In Conditioner.

First Impression

Say that five times fast. Good grief! The texture is almost like glycerin with a bit of Vaseline residue. It smells like fruit, but too strong which is good. Nobody wants to walk around smelling like a fruit basket all day.


I put the product on each section of my hair with about a penny size amount per section. I, of course, started off with freshly washed hair and detangled as I went along. As I put it on my hair, I noticed my hair felt dry. I didn’t want to not finish my hair though because sometimes products are weird like that and it will be fine in the morning. So I went to bed confident in my new product and fresh braid out.

The Take Down/Final Impression

I went and unraveled my braids and at first they looked okay. Honey, let me tell you...once I opened up those braids and my hair caught wind of that moisture it was all downhill from there. I looked like Diana Ross on a vintage album. Now I will say my hair was super soft. It was super soft with absolutely NO definition to it. Sigh. It’s okay though. I’m sure someone will try this and have the time of their life. I have a feeling this may turn out a little different if I use this on a wash and go. We shall see. I’m willing to try it again.

Let me know if you try it yourself and what you thought about it.