@ColourpopCosmetics | Perception Palette in 200+ Ways [+Review]

Makeup is always fun but eyeshadow is where it's at! Every time I get a new palette, I think about all the possibilities and thus, I decided to catalog all those experiences and truly see how many ways I could use one palette.  I mean there is no reason to not actively try to get all my monies worth out of a product, right?



But First, Back Story

I am typically not someone who buys products simply because of a brand or name attached to it but let me tell you something...

After this palette sold out the first time and I saw all these amazing reposts on @MakeupShayla's IG page of her followers creating these LEWKS HUNTY, I was like...I have to have this palette!

I have never purchased from Colourpop Cosmetics before so I was delighted when I saw the pricing on it considering the circumstances and that right there was enough for me to purchase it.


Was the Purchase Worth it?

First of all, how come no one told me Colourpop was the jam and secondly these pigments are life!

I live for eyeshadow, if nothing else...I have layering color all over my face and the rest of my makeup can be whatever. It is sometimes hard to find eyeshadows that do not have enough pigment, are too pigmented or the color in the palette does not translate the same on your skin...thus ruining your whole life. 

I swatched each shadow and it came out true to color. The real test for me and my oily eyelids, will be how long I can get the shadows to last when I wear them and if I have issues with creasing or blends stand the test of time. So far so good on the palette and I can't wait to get something else from Colourpop.

Swatches stencils Courtesy of Polished Vino Vinyls

You can find the summary of all my looks using only the @MakeupShayla X @ColourpopCosmetics Perception Palette right here on this page!

If you are interested in learning more about a look in particular, just click the photo for the details!

Enjoy and as always, don't hesitate to leave a comment or suggestion on my next palette to cover! Suggestions on what to name each look? I would love to hear those as well! Did you try out any of these looks? I would love to seem them! Share using #bombshellsunited on IG!