Chapstick Total Hydration “Fresh Peppermint” Lip Scrub

In my December Lip Monthly subscription bag I received Chapstick Total Hydration “Fresh Peppermint” Lip Scrub. I was excited to try this lip scrub. Usually after having a baby my lips go through this dry phase for a few months. Since my post-partum hormones have been constantly changing the last 9 months coupled with the dry Midwest winter, this lip scrub has been a life saver. The past few weeks I’ve been using this scrub once a week and I’ve seen a significant change in my lips. They are softer than ever! I have never been able to keep my lips this soft during the winter months like this before This lip exfoliate has vitamin E oil and coconut oil, with these two key ingredients, it’s a recipe for supple lips. For $4.99 you can purchase this lip scrub and it comes in a .27oz little jar. You only need smidge to rub across your lips.  Chapstick Total Hydration has a whole line of lip products from moisture and tint, age defying, and 3 in one lip care. You can purchase this whole line at your local Target.  They have a wide variety of lip products for affordable prices at many of your local retailers.  Don’t walk out the house with dry lips and make sure you show your lips some love by buying this product!

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