Carly's Fashion Nova Haul


Recently I made a couple of purchases from Fashion Nova and online retailer for ladies fashion. I originally heard about Fashion Nova scrolling through Instagram and seeing my favorite makeup bloggers wearing their clothing. Then I started seeing known celebrities wearing pieces from this retailer as well. So, I decided to see what the hype was about and I finally made a purchase. I am an avid clearance and major sale shopper and hate to buy things full price. After skimming the clearance section I found a few pieces that I wanted to add to my closet. I spent a little over $75 so I could get free 2 day shipping. Be advised that it still takes 24-48 hours for them to process your order, so I total it takes about 4-5 days to receive in the mail even with the two day shipping. After about 48 hours, I was given a store credit for $35 because two of the items I had chosen were no long in stock. I was a little bit sad by this and was not fond of the store credit forcing me to have to go back online and shop again for something else. I did however find four more items to purchase. Between both purchases I bought 6 pieces and ending up being glad that those other items were not in stock because they would not have fit anyway and I would not have been able to return them.

I purchased the below items in a size large with the exception of the pants that came in a size 13.

  • Holy Grail Skirt in Mauve
  • Holy Grail Skirt in Olive
  • Undercover Agent Jacket in Army
  • Legacy Jacket in Coco
  • War Zone Jacket in Woodland
  • Minding My Business Pants in Mocha

The above items fit perfectly except the pants. The pants fit perfect in the hips and the thigh but I was unable to zip them up over my stomach. After having my second child by C-section 10 months ago, I still have a slight mom pouch. So my waist is 31 in and my hips are about 45 inches. When I measured the waist of the pants it measured at 29 inches. I may order pants from them again in a size 15 to see if that makes a difference in the waistline. Due to the up and down weather here in the Midwest, a lot of my pieces I am not able to wear right now. I will upload more photos of me in full outfits as the weather gets warmer here in Chicago.

Check them out on and see what great pieces you can add to your collection!