Birthday Behavior | Outfit Inspiration

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

I didn't have a desire for a birthday outfit originally but after a trip to the wonderful SanTan Village Mall and a short skip through @Macys I ended up with this wonderful birthday outfit! (With accessories from @HM)

If you want to shop the look (and I know you do) I have the details here for you below: 

Hairband with Ears (affiliate link) | $9.99 | @HM
Small Shoulder Purse 
(affiliate link) | $9.99 | @HM 
Crystal Doll Cutout Polka-Dot Dress 
(affiliate link) | $28.99 |@Macys
Kenjay D'orsay Pumps 
(affiliate link) | $79.50 | @INCInternationalConcepts

I had coupons to use as well at check out so my final outfit was more than worth the accidental purchase. If you shop online and use E-Bates you are eligible for cashback bonus! 

#shoutout to many more birthdays with fab outfits!