Alterre RW17 Collection Preview

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Shoutout to Alterre New York for allowing me to preview their new "That 70s Shoe" Lookbook!

The premise: Stopping the struggle of having to decide which pair of shoes to wear and resorting to bringing more than one pair. Alterre, as a result, has created an "innovative line of modular shoes for the modern woman. "

  • All of the shoes are designed in New York
  • Made according to fair labor laws in Brazil.
  • Alterre donates 5% of the proceeds to Restore NY, a local sex-trafficking shelter
  • Genuine Leather Uppers
  • Recycled Plastic Heels
  • Pricepoint: $175 - $275
  • Available As: Customized Pairs, Starter Kits, Monthly Subscription

So many colors, patterns and textures with so many options to choose from, there can't be anyway I can not put together a shoe to wear (let's be honest, I'm still going to find a way to get another shoe). 

I think that this is an amazing idea! Love that they donate to an amazing cause and love that they give me options. Guess I will be ordering some new shoes (wink).

Being women ourselves, we know the best shoes are comfortable all day, versatile, and pack light. So we combined those traits with our patented technology (and a lot of insole padding) to create shoes you can interchange into over 125 combinations.