I Have Officially Quit Facebook | In Living Color Lifestyle Blog

I have officially quit Facebook.

Yep. It’s over.

I remember the days when we got on to link up for parties on campus. Now people know when I’m online, they tag me in photos I don’t care about…it’s just a lot. A lot I feel I need to be a part of. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m on snapchat and Instagram. I don’t really post a lot unless something is going on or I feel that I have something to talk about. But they suit me. Why? Because I have control over what people see regarding what I do and when I do it. You don’t need to know what I’m doing every second of the day.

Get this.

My dad inboxed me on Facebook a couple years ago accusing me of seeing a post because I was showing as online. Really dad. Really? Is this what our relationship has come to? Sigh. I had to explain to him that if you go on the app in any way whatsoever, it will show you as online. I want you to know this was a 20 minute conversation. Minutes I will never be able to get back or be compensated for. Anyway. I digress. I just can’t deal with this type of intrusion anymore. But here’s the kicker. Facebook won’t allow you to deactivate your profile anymore. Mr. Zuckerberg I have soooo many questions for you. Oh and there’s a questionnaire as to why you feel you need to leave the book. Sir. Please. Let me live my life. So I have a page, but it’s not active. If I sign back in, it will auto reactivate. Sheesh. But then it’s like all the other apps that I signed up with using my Facebook sign on could potentially rope me back into the madness. *Silent scream* I’m just trying to live ya’ll. I really am.

Oh and we talked about my health journey. Okay. If you didn’t read that blog you should go do that now. So occasionally on Facebook I would check in at the gym right. Well if I didn’t, which sometimes I didn’t because who cares. Do you know people would actually come up to me at work and ask me if I was still working out? Honestly? Word? Lol. I swear to you guys I am not making this up! It’s crazy town out here! So yes. I have quit Facebook. It has become too much and I don’t have time to explain why I do or do not do things. It’s just a lot. I have enough to worry about I swear. Am I alone in this?

Tell me what you guys think about social media. I’m all ears!