In Case You Missed It: Halloween | Mummy Cleopatra

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I rarely put the time into looking decent at work because I know all those people and honestly don't care enough considering the countless hours we spend together. 

But that changes on Halloween.

I don't trick-or-treat. I don't decorate my house. No parties. But i love dressing up and going out to show off my skills. 

Last year, I was Cleopatra in my old office and while I didn't win first place, I did win a prize in a category that did not exist until I presented my costume. 

My original vision for the costume was to be part mummy, part goddess but my attempt at homemade SFX makeup failed and I stuck to what I know best. Glam Makeup. 

This year, I was not going to settle. Though, I did wait till the night before to have the liquid latex and gel blood delivered. I may have also waited to the night before to get the gauze I wrapped myself in. And by may have, I mean I absolutely did. Which is not like me because I am a planner but a lot of people at my office didn't plan to dress up and I considered being boring with them. (lol)

Cleopatra 2015

Amazing what a little tissue paper, liquid latex, foundation, eyeshadow and gel blood can do for you. 

I have never done any SFX makeup before but I laid out a strategy and think it came out pretty well. I applied the liquid latex, tore up tissue paper and stuck it to my face and allowed it to dry. 

After allowing it to dry I tore it a little and created holes and texture before applying foundation to it and blending to my skintone. I used a matte black shadow to create depth in the wounds before covering with the gel blood and used my makeup and blood covered hands to dirty my bandages. I have to say this was one of my favorite things that I have done and can't wait to play around in the liquid latex I have left. 

Maybe serve some more undead realness next year?