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Disclaimer #1 : All Products Received Complimentary & For Testing Purposes. All opinions are my own!

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I love getting me. I love getting mail even more when it's full of awesome, amazing products for me to try out!

Thanks to @Influenster and Bustle I got to try out some awesome products for free. 

This month I got the following: 


Quick Review

The only thing in this box other than the promo for E-bates that I have ever tried was Yogi Tea.  I had tried an entirely different flavor than the two that were in my #voxbox. So I have Skin Detox and Stress Relief to try out. Now, I figured the Stress Relief with Honey Lavender would pair well with the wonderfully soothing Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt (Check out the Epson Salt review here and the Yogi Teas review here)

I finished off my nice little foot soak with a new color for my tootsies! Don't worry, full review is located here.

MAN, talk about a great way to end your day and go to sleep!

After a good nights rest on a lovely Sunday evening, I figure I would be refreshed, get up and have a full and busy Monday. Do my makeup, try my new COVERGIRL mascara, go to work, be fabulous and get to come home to use my Simple products to get rid of the ickiness that is the world from my face, my pores and my soul. 

Not quite how I went about it but I did use my Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes post Halloween Makeup and considering what I did to my face for halloween...it was a relief to use this product.