Lancôme | Effacil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover | @FirstBlush

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Lancome Effacil  (affiliate link) / Photo Credit:  Nordstrom  (affiliate link)

Lancome Effacil (affiliate link) / Photo Credit: Nordstrom (affiliate link)


Honestly, just wanted to see if I could determine the difference between this eye makeup remover and Bi-Facil.

Why I Bought It:

I liked the feel of Bi-Facil and wanted to see what the biggest difference would be between the two. 

What I Love About It:

Refreshing feel and not oily. 

What I Didn't Love About It:

The thing that was missing here was that it does not work with waterproof eye makeup.


  • Make sure to shake before every use
  • Press cotton ball over eye and allow to sit prior to wiping
  • Wipe away gently and works best in a downward motion

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