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Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum  (affiliate link)| Photo Credit:  Dillard's  (affiliate link)

Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum (affiliate link)| Photo Credit: Dillard's (affiliate link)


We're friends right? Well, I only ask because we have to admit, I don't have to have a reason to buy anything...and that applies to why I bought this product.

Why I Bought It:

I pride myself on only supporting or selling products I can say I have tried and when I worked at Estee Lauder, I made it a point to try everything we had. I purchased this for my own collection because I love the way it smells but also how it made my skin feel. Nothing more refreshing.

What I Love About It:

Super lightweight! You don't need tons of this stuff and that helps to soften the blow when it comes to the cost (or what I tell myself to help me sleep at night because I have a shopping problem).

What I Didn't Love About It:

I have no issues with this product. I can tell the difference in my skin when I do not use it, so I guess we have to blame it for working and further supporting my shopping/skincare/makeup addiction.  


  • Use a little at a time
  • Face serum is light weight for everyday use
  • I mix a little with my foundation from time to time for a nice little glow
  • Eye Formula is meant just for your eye and is also lightweight

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