Natural Hair vs Synthetic Makeup Brushes | Highlights Makeup Articles

Just like with natural vs synthetic hair (for those who wear extensions) what your brushes are made of are critical to the finished results of your makeup look. Flawless makeup is aided by the right tools. In this post, I will talk about the major differences in the two types of brushes and what products work best for each. 

Natural Hair Brushes

  • Sable or pony hair
  • Fluffy
  • Best for dry, powder products (i.e. powder blush, powder eyeshadow)

Those who have allergies to some animal hair, should take that into consideration when using natural brushes. I have personally do not own or have used any cruelty-free brushes to the best of my knowledge but you can find recommendations on by Jenna Rosenstein of brushes that could suit your needs. I am unclear what makes these brushes cruelty-free by definition but maybe I can look into that further in another post. 😉

Another thing to consider with natural hair brushes is that they are absorbent which makes them prone to carrying bacterial. You want to throw your brushes out every couple of years to lower your risk of any type of infections. 

Synthetic Brushes

  • Acrylic or Plastic, Nylon or Polyester
  • Cream and Liquid products (i.e. concealer, lipstick, cream/liquid foundation)
  • Lower price point

Synthetic brushes are more durable and withstand a lot more abuse from constant use and cleaning. They are a bit easier to care for so it takes a little stress off of you. 


The makeup products you are using will determine which set of brushes you will use for application. Ultimately, you will use what works best for you. The good thing about the current makeup industry is that products are better and more clearly labeled, so if you can't figure out if you are getting a cruelty-free product or if it is considered synthetic or natural hair. There is always the Internet to help you out...

I hope this helps you out and if you have comments/suggestions/recommendations, please leave them in the comments or email us.